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Our Peachtek Macro Sampler is a macro enabled document. It shows you how to automate common tasks in Word for Windows. 

We include items of general interest such as transferring dates from Word to Outlook, setting bookmarks and pasting formatted text.

For lawyers, you  can control formatting when pasting text with legal cites and automate the entry of record citations. You can download a docket sheet from a court website and use it to enter record citations and chronologies by pointing and clicking. 
Because everyone wants a free taste.
If you would like to see HotDocs in action, press here for our free demo. 
Press the button above to open the macro-enabled document. You can see how the macros operate. If you are impressed, we can send you a template that contains the same macros. Then we will show you how to make our template an Add-In to your Normal template, which will give you access to the macros whenever you need them. ​

We will give you a thirty day trial on our Macro Template free of charge. A permanent license costs $25. We will give a one-year license in exchange for a recommendation in Google places or similiar promotional consideration. 
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