HotDocs upgrades
HotDocs upgrades
Get your HotDocs 11 upgrade from Peachtek
Get your HotDocs 5 upgrade from Peachtek
Get promotional pricing on HotDpcs 11

Get your HotDocs 11 upgrade from Peachtek
New features in HotDocs 11
New features in HotDocs 11

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New features in HotDocs 11
New features in HotDocs 11
HotDocs 5, Hot Docs 5
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​HotDocs is here. These are some of the new features.
HotDocs 11, HotDocs Developer
A context sensitive Help system that displays a diagram of the screen with an explanation of the various features.

Additional math, financial and string functions let you perform reduction to present value calculations, calculate mortgages and perform other tasks that you currently have to perform in Excel.

Easier scripting.

More output options. You can use HotDocs to create a plain text file, an html file. You can also create word-processing style PDFs as you would a Word document. 

Compatible with a variety of Word Processing platforms, including WordPerfect X6.

The HotDocs ribbon in your Word Processing system now contains an interview outline that makes is easy to navigate around complex templates with many variables.. ​
If you are still developing new templates on a regular basis, then the upgrade will be worth it on its own, even if you recently purchased HotDocs 10. If you are still running 2007, you will get the cumulative effect of the improvements that HotDocs has made over the years. 
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