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Tech News, Word Processng Tips and More

Claim Your Google Listing

by Tim Hagan on 08/09/13

One of the drawbacks of internet searches is that it is hard to search for local businesses.  You can search for immigration lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia, but you won’t turn up listings for surrounding areas unless you plug each city into your search.  Google recognizes this, which is why they are pushing Google Places, which is an under-utilized resource for most lawyers. If you have not done so yet, you need to set up a Google account to claim your listing. To see why, simply go to Google Places and search for law firms in your geographic area. Then specify your practice area. You will see that the firms that have completed their Google listing show up on top.  If you claim your listing, you make it easier for people to find you, you control how your firm is described when your name turns up and you will probably place at the top of some searches. The next step is to get some clients to post a review. If you get at least one review, it will turn up in the search results on Google Places. Plus the SEO gurus say that favorable reviews will boost your ranking in a regular Google search.  It is the best thing you can do for free to boost your profile on the internet. 

Writing samples

by Tim Hagan on 08/08/13

Do you need writing samples for a case in a new jurisdiction or area of practice? Samples of lined pleading paper? Common forms?  Our District Court Links will direct you to some of the most helpful sites, whether you are building HotDocs templates or need them for other purposes.

Eliminate Duplicative Data Entry

by Tim Hagan on 08/07/13

Do you use an inquiry form to collect basic information from new clients? The chances are that you turn right around and enter most of that information into your word processing documents. However, that duplication of effort is unnecessary. Peachtek has developed macros that translate a basic inquiry form into text that can be read by HotDocs. Then you simply paste that text into HotDocs 11 where you can use it to generate documents. Check out our YouTube video on our litigation templates to see how it works. Our litigation templates are included with the price of purchase when you order purchase a HotDocs product from Peachtek, either a new purchase or an upgrade to HotDocs 11.

Get them working with HotDocs right away

by Tim Hagan on 08/06/13

We have filled an order from one of our longstanding customers in Wisconsin. They are expanding their administrative law practice and have ordered new copies of HotDocs Developer 11 for a couple of new hires. Make sure your people have the tools they need.

New YouTube Playlist - Peachtek Desktop Apps

by Tim Hagan on 08/06/13

We are adding a playlist of videos relating to our YouTube Channel that describe the operation of our Peachtek Desktop Apps. These are a series of Word for Windows macros that automate a series of common legal tasks. We have created a sample pack that you can download from our website. The videos show how they operate. While there, you can also see how to use HotDocs 11 generate legal documents.

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