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Tech News, Word Processng Tips and More

HotDocs Litigation Templates, Our YouTube Videos

by Tim Hagan on 08/06/13

We are upgrading our YouTube Channel. We have designed a series of videos that show how you can use HotDocs to generate litigation documents. The YouTube playlist feature has been updated, so we have been able to present a series of related videos in a format that lets the user skip from one to the next depending on what they find interesting.

HotDocs 11 for trusts and estate lawyers

by Tim Hagan on 08/06/13

We have filled an order from a trust and estates firm in Indiana. They have eight HotDocs Users and are upgrading from 2008 to 2011. HotDocs 11 has a lot of great features. We are confident they will be happy with their purchase. Trusts and Estates lawyers are the most avid HotDocs Users. The practice is one that lends itself to automation. Moreover, one of HotDocs’ most powerful features is the ability to create lists and lists list within lists. Thus, you can create a list of devises with a subsidiary list of their children or whoever else will inherit if a devisee predeceases the devisor. Normally, you would need Access or some other database program to accomplish a task like this and, even if you did, it would be a lot more complicated than it is with HotDocs.

HotDocs 11 is here. Finally and for real.

by Tim Hagan on 01/27/13

We announced the introduction of HotDocs 11 back in November. Unfortunately, the launch date was pushed back several times.  HotDocs will take advantage of the delay to re-announce the introduction at a Tech Show in New York next week. Now the product is finally here and we can provide it to you. For those who purchased at any point since the introduction was announced, we’ll be getting to you shortly with your new software.

Desktop Apps

by Tim Hagan on 01/15/13

We are introducing a new feature that we call the Peachtek Desktop Apps. We have automated a series of tasks that are common to the legal field.  Several of our apps have more general application. You can reformat documents and manipulate bookmarks. You can transfer dates from Outlook into Word. You can enter record cites automatically. If you have a case in Federal Court, you can use the docket sheet to look up docket entries and enter them as cites. We have placed our apps in a sample document that is available for download. If you like what you see, you can get a license of up to two years in length by helping promote us on Google Places, Facebook and Linked In.

Create Record Cites Linked to PACER automatically

by Tim Hagan on 12/24/12

Judge David Nuffer is a U.S. District Court Judge with a serious interest in computers. He has his own web page which links to a page of Resource Materials. The resource materials include suggestions on the use of the PACER system. These include instructions for the creation of cross document hyperlinks in documents filed in Federal Court, either manually or automatically, using a Word Add-In.

Peachtek takes the concept of couple of steps further. Our Peachtek Desktop Apps include a method for entering hyperlinked record cites that cross reference to documents filed in Court under the Pacer System.  Our system lets you search and filter the list of docket entries to find the ones you need – right from your word processing window. It also enables you to use the verbiage from the docket sheet to create a chronology with minimal keyboarding.

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