HotDocs upgrades
HotDocs upgrades
HotDocs upgrades

HotDocs upgrades
​As a HotDocs owner, you get a discount when you purchase a newer version of HotDocs. You also get a discount when you put a more expensive product on one of your machines. 

HotDocs 11 is compatible with WordPerfect X6 and Office 2013, so your HotDocs upgrade will solve any compatibility problems you experienced when you purchased a new computer or a new version of Windows. 

The size of the discount will vary depending on what product you purchase and the vintage of your current version. Please note that "upgrade" refers to pricing: from a technical standpoint, you will get a clean install, the same as you would with a new purchase.

Expect no hassles: HotDocs appreciates your loyalty and will reward it. We have sold a number of HotDocs upgrades to folks whose current version dates as far back as HotDocs 5. We have never had to make a customer prove their prior purchase with key numbers or documentation. Often, the customer's version is more recent than they realized.

The best way to check your eligibility is to fill out the form in the upper right and press "Check Now." We will get back to you right away with a quote. You can pay online and get your new software the same day. 

​HotDocs puts you at the intersection of technology and the law. Your HotDocs upgrade will keep you there for years to come.

Time to Upgrade HotDocs? Peachtek Can Help

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Database Connection: lets you populate your word processing document with information from Excel, Access and similar sources. You can create an ADO connection with sources such as OLE DB Provider for Oracle. Then you map the columns in Oracle, Excel, etc. to your HotDocs variables. 

Automated PDFs: Features of PDF Advantage folded into HotDocs Developer. Thus if you practice criminal law you can download AO 455 from to create an automated Waiver of an Indictment that is customized for the Eastern District of Michigan or any other district that you practice in. (HotDocs 2009 upgrade)

HotDocs 11 provides new math expressions and improved scripting options. Plus, a context-sensitive Help System and a blueprint-style outline that guides you through complicated templates. If you are running an older version, you will find that comes on top of innovations that HotDocs added pretty much every year between 2005 and 2010. For example:
We know that price is an issue for HotDocs purchasers. However, you also know that small improvements in daily productivity make a big difference in monthly billings. With Peachtek, our price on upgrades to HotDocs 11 will make the initial investment as painless as possible.
HotDocs Automated Document Assembly