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HotDocs Overview
​In the late 1970s, a research project at Brigham Young University studied the possibility of using computers to create legal documents. HotDocs software was borne from the successful experiment.

HotDocs is the premier document assembly program on the market. That’s because it was the original document assembly program and it has evolved steadily over the last 30 years in response to customer feedback. Developed for lawyers, sixty percent of its 500,000 current users come from other industries.

HotDocs combines simplicity with sophistication, using an intuitive question and answer format to generate documents of any level of complexity. It is easy to get started and, once you do, your options are unlimited. Thus, it is used by 80% of the AmLaw 500 and 20% of the Fortune 500. Yet, legal aid societies use it to let lay people generate their own legal documents. JAG officers in the U.S. Army use it to generate estate planning documents for service members that are good in any state.
​HotDocs will dramatically reduce the time needed to prepare standard documents. Just as importantly, it lets you provide detailed instructions as you guide the end-user through the process of document assembly. Errors are reduced and higher-level work can be delegated to lower-level employees.

You can feed information from a database into your word processing document and end up with a polished result. You can simplify the process of filling out PDF forms, more so than you will ever do with the full version of Adobe Acrobat

HotDocs legal system software works with Word and WordPerfect. It interfaces with MS Access and other popular databases and spreadsheets.
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