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In U.S. District Court, everything needs to be perfect, starting with the paperwork. Our HotDocs Templates for Litigators enable you to turn out a quality product quickly, so you can meet your deadlines and deal with a thousand other details. That gives you a competitive advantage in a highly competitive environment.  

Peachtek has prepared a series of HotDocs templates that make it easy to prepare your paperwork for U.S. District Court. You really need to see how it works. We have put together some videos that do just that. Our HotDocs Templates for Litigators come with the purchase of HotDocs software through Peachtek. 

The Krugers have filled out a client questionnaire that provides contact info for themselves, their medical providers and other witnesses. Our HotDocs Templates for Litigators allow you to copy and paste the contents of the questionnaire into HotDocs using Peachtek's special coding. The work that we have put into HotDocs template development saves you the trouble of data input.​
You have already loaded the information for you clients and their medical providers into HotDocs. Now, it is a simple  to generate client contracts and customized medical releases using our HotDocs Templates for Litigators.

Now we see how our HotDocs template development efforts make it easy to draft a complaint for Federal Court

Now our HotDocs Templates for Litigators lay out background allegations concerning the accident in question. 

Here we lodge the allegations of negligence and damages and then prepare the civil cover sheet and request for waiver of summons. This gives you a flavor of what you can accomplish as a HotDocs template developer.

We set the stage for our HotDocs Templates for Litigators by introducing you to Freddy and Billy Kruger and the personal injury claim they will be filing in Federal Court following an auto wreck.​

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